Showdown looms as MPs hand in petition to recall Parliament

Tuesday January 8 2013

Showdown looms as MPs hand in petition to recall Parliament

MPs hand over the petition to a parliamentary official, Mr Patrick Ngolobe at the chambers yesterday. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyange.  

By Yasiin Mugerwa & Mercy Nalugo

The MPs behind the bid to recall Parliament for a special sitting to debate the Cerinah Nebanda death saga on Monday submitted their petition to the Speaker amid protests from the government, after weeks of muscle-flexing between the Executive and the Legislature.

This now sets the stage for a showdown in the House over the prosecution of some MPs following the comments they made on their colleague’s sudden death and the impending police questioning of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga for rejecting the government’s autopsy and toxicology report that linked the Butaleja Woman MP’s death to narcotic drugs.

The petition signed by 126 MPs was received by Mr Patrick Wanyama Ngolobe, the Principal Assistant Secretary, on behalf of Mr Cosian Opata, the private Secretary to Speaker Kadaga who was not in the office.

Article 95 (5) of the 1995 Constitution requires one-third of all members sign such a petition to the Speaker, in this case 125 MPs.

Displayed before the press
The signed petition was displayed to journalists before it was stamped as having been received by the Speaker’s office.

However, there were last-minute efforts by five NRM members, including Kiruhuura Woman MP Beatrice Rusania, who wrote to the Speaker to withdraw their signatures.

In a protest letter dated January 4, the acting Government Chief Whip, Ms Rose Namayanja, sought verification of the signatures, citing claims by some NRM members that their signatures had been forged.

Ms Namayanja has demanded that the Speaker gives her a copy of the petition to allow her office verify whether it is authentic or not, before taking a decision to recall or not to recall Parliament.

Ms Kadaga was said to be away in Kamuli for her constituency work. Sources told the Daily Monitor that the Speaker was expected to travel to South Africa today for a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting.

The practice, Ms Namayanja said, is that “the members who wish to append their signatures in support of a petition normally do so in the presence of the Sergeant at Arms within the precincts of Parliament. This was designed to prevent the possibility of forgery and manipulation of signatures.”

Speaking to the Daily Monitor after the submission of the signatures, Mr Patrick Nsanja (Ind. Ntenjeru South), who is one of the key petitioners, said: “It’s a sigh of relief that we have finally submitted our petition to the Speaker’s Office. We have faced a lot of hurdles in the process and some people thought we were jokers, but we were serious.”

At least 12 MPs, led by chief petitioner Dennis Obua (NRM, Ajuri), presented the document at 4:40pm. MPs Theodore Ssekikubo (NRM, Lwemiyaga), Muhammad Nsereko (NRM, Kampala Central), Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda (FDC, Kyadondo), Gerald Karuhanga (Ind. Western Youth), Barnabas Tinkasiimire (NRM, Buyaga West) arrived at the Speaker’s Office at a quarter to 4pm,but were told to wait for 20 minutes. After Mr Opata consulted with Ms Kadaga by phone, a decision was made to receive the petition.

Mr Tinkasiimire asked that each page be stamped, shouting “you never know what might happen overnight. What happens if they remove some pages?”

Article 95 (5) of the Constitution mandates the Speaker to recall the House within 21 days after receipt of the petition.

The MPs want the House recalled to urge the Executive to respect the rule of law and the doctrine of separation of powers.

The Government argues that recalling Parliament is not necessary since police investigations into the death of MP Nebanda are continuing.


Name ---------------------------------- Party

1. Kassiano Wadri ----------------------------- FDC

2. Bernard Atiku ----------------------------- FDC

3. Christine Bako Abia ----------------------------- FDC

4. Alice Alaso ----------------------------- FDC

5. Stephen Ochola ----------------------------- FDC

6. Tonny Kipoi ----------------------------- (unclear)

7. Peter Omolo ----------------------------- FDC

8. Fred Ebil ----------------------------- UPC

9. Femier Wadada ----------------------------- FDC

10. Judith Akello Franca ----------------------------- FDC

11. Hussein Kyanjo ----------------------------- Jeema

12. Beatrice Barumba Rusania ----------------------- NRM

13. Jacinto Ogwal ----------------------------- UPC

14. Maxwell Akora ----------------------------- UPC

15. Andrew Allen ----------------------------- Indep.

16. John Mulimba ----------------------------- NRM

17. Anthony Ssemmuli ----------------------------- NRM

18. Boaz Kafuda ----------------------------- NRM

19. Lyndah Timbigamba ----------------------------- NRM

20. John Bosco Mubito ----------------------------- NRM

21. Joseph Ssewungu ----------------------------- DP

22. Paul Mwiru ----------------------------- FDC

23. Peter Okeyoh ----------------------------- NRM

24. Jacob Wangolo ----------------------------- NRM

25. Bayiga Lulume ----------------------------- DP

26. Deogratious Kiyingi ----------------------------- DP

27. Theodores Ssekikubo ----------------------------- NRM

28. Gudoi Yahaya ----------------------------- NRM

29. Andrew Baryayanga ----------------------------- Indep

30. Kyewalabye Majegere ----------------------------- NRM

31. Issa Kikungwe ----------------------------- DP

32. Ssozi Kaddu Mukasa ----------------------------- Indep

33. Sempala Mbuga ----------------------------- NRM

34. Kiyingi Bbosa ----------------------------- Indep.

35. Geoffrey Ekanya ----------------------------- FDC

36. Godfrey Lubega ----------------------------- Indep.

37. Latiff Ssebaggala ----------------------------- DP

38. Mohammed Kawuma ----------------------------- DP

39. Jack Sabiiti ----------------------------- FDC

40. Mathias Mpuuga ----------------------------- Indep

41. Florence Namayanja ----------------------------- DP

42. Brenda Nabukenya ----------------------------- DP

43. Haruna Kyeyune ----------------------------- Indep

44. Amuriat Oboi ----------------------------- FDC

45. Emmanuel Ddombo ----------------------------- NRM

46. Beatrice Atim Anywar ----------------------------- FDC

47. Moses Kasibante ----------------------------- DP

48. Dr Chris Baryomunsi ----------------------------- NRM

49. Temulanda Nakawunde ----------------------------- NRM

50. Naggayi Nabila ----------------------------- FDC

51. Sam Otada ----------------------------- Indep

52. Nulu Byamukama ----------------------------- NRM

53. Robert Migadde ----------------------------- NRM

54. Muwanga Kivumbi ----------------------------- DP

55. Patrick Nsanja ----------------------------- Indep

56. Barnabas Tinkasiimire ----------------------------- NRM

57. Medard Lubega Sseggona -----------------------------DP

58. Atim Joy Ongom ----------------------------- Indep

59. Mathias Nsubuga ----------------------------- DP

60. Crispus Ayena ----------------------------- UPC

61. Susan Namaganda ----------------------------- DP

62. Odonga Otto ----------------------------- FDC

63. Elipah Okupah ----------------------------- FDC

64. Cyrus Amodoi Imalingat ----------------------------- Indep

65. Ignatius Besisira ----------------------------- NRM

66. Kasirivu Atwooki ----------------------------- NRM

67. Onyango Kakoba ----------------------------- NRM

68. Kase Mubanda ----------------------------- NRM

69. Amos Lugolobi ----------------------------- NRM

70. John Baptist Bagole ----------------------------- Indep

71. Mariam Nalubega ----------------------------- Indep

72. Julius Maganda ----------------------------- Indep

73. Nambooze Bakireke ----------------------------- DP

74. Dr Sam Lyomoki ----------------------------- NRM

75. Dr Francis Epetait ----------------------------- FDC

76. Ssebuliba Mutumba ----------------------------- DP

77. Mary Tunde ----------------------------- NRM

78. Ibi Florence Ekwau ----------------------------- FDC

79. Alum Santa ----------------------------- UPC

80. Roland Mugume ----------------------------- FDC

81. Bihande Bwambale ----------------------------- FDC

82. Winfred Kiiza ----------------------------- FDC

83. William Nzoghu M ----------------------------- FDC

84. Odo Tayebwa ----------------------------- FDC

85. Gerald Karuhanga ----------------------------- Indep

86. Mujuni Vincent Kyamadidi ----------------------------- NRM

87. Wilfred Niwagaba ----------------------------- NRM

88. Ronah Ninsiima ----------------------------- Indep

89. Henry Musasizi ----------------------------- NRM

90. Betty Amongi ----------------------------- UPC

91. Gilbert Olanya ----------------------------- Indep

92. Ibrahim Ssemuju ----------------------------- DP

93. Kaps Hassan Fungaroo ----------------------------- FDC

94. Godfrey Kiwanda ----------------------------- NRM

95. Christopher Acire ----------------------------- FDC

96. Peter Mugema ----------------------------- NRM

97. Isaiah Ssasaga ----------------------------- FDC

98. Kevinah Taaka ----------------------------- FDC

99. Wafula Oguttu ----------------------------- FDC

100. Jack Wamai Wamanga ----------------------------- FDC

101. Baker Ssali ----------------------------- NRM

102. Kezekia Mbogo ----------------------------- Indep

103. Kenneth Lubogo ----------------------------- Indep

104. Tonny Ayoo ----------------------------- NRM

105. Lucy Ajok ----------------------------- UPC

106. Omara Geoffrey Adigi ----------------------------- NRM