Shs230m Nusaf projects commissioned in Maracha

Wednesday November 20 2019

A beneficiary of the Nusaf III project in A

A beneficiary of the Nusaf III project in Ayat Village, Anwangi Parish, Nambieso Sub-county in Apac District milks a cow on October 20, 2018. Maracha District leaders have commissioned Shs230m Nusaf III projects in Tara Sub-county. FILE PHOTO 


Maracha District leaders have commissioned Shs230 million Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (Nusaf) III projects to benefit eight projects in Tara Sub-county.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on Monday, the Nusaf community facilitator for Tara, Ms Florence Amaguru, said the projects will improve family incomes.

“Six of them are under the component of household income support programme and two of them are under the intensive public works. The six projects under household support income are all for sheep fattening and selling. Each member was given five local female sheep,” she said.

At least 286 people from the parishes of Ojapi and Ombavu have benefited from the projects.
Some of the projects include Nzakayi terracing sub-project in Ojapi Parish, Aboo terracing sub-project and the sheep fattening sub-projects of Karongo, Bataka, Abara, Ambayo, Lodre and Bijele all in Ombavu Parish.

She said each sheep fattening sub-project was funded at least Shs18m. Aboo and Nzakayi terracing sub-projects received Shs73.9 million and Shs49 million, respectively.

Ms Rose Bakaa of Nzakayi terracing group said they will apply the knowledge of terracing practices in their homes.
“We have acquired skills of terracing which we shall apply in our fields. We are also saving our own money. I am going to give school fees to my children out of the proceeds,” Ms Bakaa said.


Mr Henry Angudubo, a member of Bataka sheep fattening group, said their greatest challenge is theft of their sheep.
“My sheep have started reproducing. I expect to benefit from them in near future. But my worry now is that some people may steal them on grounds that they are freely given by government,” Mr Angudubo said.

The Maracha District chairperson, Mr Lawrence Adiga, who commissioned the sub-projects, said: “I don’t want the members to use the proceeds for marrying more women and other luxurious activities. Let them use the proceeds to change their lives and pay schools fees for their children. You can even use it for building a house and do some investment to change your status.”
The sub-county chairperson of Tara, Mr Biajo Abadrile, cautioned the beneficiaries against mismanagement of the sub-projects.
The chairperson adds that some beneficiaries under Nusaf II programme in Tara have failed to sustain their sub-projects.

“Nusaf II was a very big problem. People got animals but if you go to these communities now, you cannot get anything. It is a clear indication that sustaining livelihood projects under this programme is a very big challenge,” Mr Abadrile said.