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St Leo’s College OBs call for revival

Friday March 13 2015

By Betty Ndagire

Kampala. Old students of St Leo’s College, Kyegobe have resolved to revive the school’s fortunes following a decline in its academic standards.
Founded in 1921 by the White Fathers, the college in Kabarole District, was last month named by the Uganda National Examinations Board among the 31 schools whose O-Level results were withheld for alleged malpractice.
The school is also infamous for student strikes, especially between 2004 and 2008.
During a meeting on Tuesday in Kampala, Mr Arthur Ruhinda from St Leo’s College Kyegobe Old Students Association, said old students could no longer sit back and watch their school sink into oblivion.
“The reputation of our school has declined. We heard that the O-Level results were withheld over exam malpractice, an incident that is really shameful,” Mr Ruhinda, who was head prefect (1995), said.
“If it means searching for those teachers that helped us excel, we shall look for them so that they brief the current students on how they used to maintain the best school performance,” he added.
Another old student, Mr Cliff Muhumuza, said an investigation would be conducted to establish what went wrong and address the problem.