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Striking Kabale hospital interns resume work

Friday May 13 2016


Kabale- Twenty six interns at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, who went on a sit-down strike, have resumed work after negotiations with the hospital administration.

The interns are demanding their allowances from the Ministry of Health, which they say have not been paid for four months.
Each is supposed to be paid an allowance of Shs609,000 per month.

The director Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, Dr Alex Andema, who chaired the meeting with the striking intern on Tuesday advised them to take loans in case they are badly off as they wait for their money, which he promised will be paid within two weeks.

Dr Andema on Wednesday confirmed having met the striking interns adding that he was still waiting to see whether they will report for duty as agreed.

“We have agreed to resume work today (Wednesday), with assurance that our allowances will be paid in two weeks. We were also advised to acquire loans as we wait,” one of the interns said.

On May 3, the interns announced a sit down strike over delayed payment of their allowances. Dr Andema immediately issued a notice saying whoever fails to turn up for duty on May 5, should vacate the hospital hostels with immediate effect.