Suspected bomb blast injures two inmates

Tuesday March 24 2015

UPDF explosive experts and the counterterrorism

UPDF explosive experts and the counterterrorism police CIID, cordons off the scene where the suspected bomb exploded. PHOTO BY JULIUS OCUNGI 


A suspected bomb blast on Monday injured two inmates of Gulu central prison and left a passerby, 15-year-old girl unconscious as result of shock following the blast.

The incident happened at about 11:04 am in the morning at Kaunda grounds adjacent to Gulu central Prison in Bardege division Gulu Municipality.

The injured inmates were rushed at Gulu Regional referral Hospital for medical treatment.

One of the injured prisoners is said to have been seriously hit on the right thigh by the bomb blast.

It is reported that, the prisoners were collecting littered empty water bottles and polythene bags at Kaunda Ground ahead of TB celebration day scheduled for Tuesday 24th. However when they disposed off the rubbish, they set it on fire. It is suspected the bomb could have been planted or buried, thus triggering it to explode.

Mr Patrick Ayella, a security guard attached to Exposs security Group, who witnessed the incident, told Daily Monitor that he heard loud explosion from his room. When he came out of the premises, he eventually saw two people lying helpless with blood oozing from body parts.

He said he immediately rushed out to find out what happened when he saw two prisoners covered in blood lying helpless and a young girl also lying unconscious on the ground a few meters from where the bomb blast.

Aswa Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, who visited the scene, said they were still awaiting for proof results from the Uganda People defense Force’s Bomb Experts who were investigating the cause of the blast.

“I still have very few words to comment on at the moment, but I can confirm that two people were hit in a blast and a young girl has fainted as result of shock. After the bomb experts have done their parts, I will keep you posted,” says Mr Okema.

The 4th UPDF Army spokesperson, Col Caesar Otim Olweny, who also visited the scene, said the team of bomb experts were still investigating the blast.