Teachers forced to mop toilets in front of pupils

Friday February 15 2019



Drama ensued at Boke Primary School, Adekokwok Sub-county in Lira District on Monday when the enraged area Resident District Commissioner (RDC) forced teachers to mop toilets.
RDC Milton Odongo had made an impromptu visit to the government-aided primary school.
When he moved around to check the sanitation, he found stinking toilets littered with human waste and ordered all the teachers present to clean the toilets as pupils looked on.
The RDC warned that next time he finds the school toilets dirty again, he will discipline the head teacher for negligence.

The RDC told the teachers that using dirty toilets would expose them and learners to the risk of contracting Urinary Tract Infections.
Mr Odongo told Daily Monitor in a interview on Wednesday that he does not regret his action.
The RDC accused the school administration of being too lazy to make the pupils clean the toilets.
The head teacher, Ms Sarah Aol, said she tried pleading with the RDC that she had just been transferred to the school, where she reported on Sunday evening but the RDC would not spare her.

However, the RDC’s action has received mixed reactions. The chairman of school management Committee, Mr Rufino Onino, has condemned the action, saying it was an embarrassment to the teachers.
Mr Sam Odongo, a member of the school management committee representing old boys of the school, however, praised the RDC’s action.
Lira District senior education officer Jaspher Abura said Mr Odongo was sending a clear signal to other school heads that they must maintain good hygiene and sanitation.
Boke has an enrollment of 1, 263 pupils as of third term last year, but by Monday only 460 pupils had reported for first term.