These are the kids I mostly loved in my life, Kibuule speaks out

Tuesday May 14 2019

Ronald Kibuule (middle). Photo by Alex Esagala

Ronald Kibuule (middle). Photo by Alex Esagala 

By Jessica Sabano 

Mukono. The State Minister for water Mr Ronald Kibuule says his children, Raymon Kato and Rayden Wasswa wanted to spend the day with him on the fateful day they passed away.

“As usual my kids came to me in the morning but since I had to go to town, I told them I was leaving,” a tearful Kibuule said during prayers held for the family at his home in Mbalala, Mukono on Tuesday morning.
Mr Kibuule said that the twins loved cars so much such that when he left the house on Monday, they followed him up to the vehicle. However he told them to stay home.

After he had left the gate, the mother to the deceased, Ms Fortunate Kibuule called informing him that the children were crying for because they wanted to travel with him.

"Unfortunately in the evening I received a call that my kids were not okay and had been rushed to Albert Hospital, Mukono but they didn't tell me they were dead until I reached there and confirmed by myself," he said.

Kato and Wasswa are said to have drowned at around 5pm in the absence of their parents.

They had been left with their caretakers, however the circumstances under which they died are not yet clear.


Police has so far issued a statement saying that four suspects have been arrested to help with investigations.

Mr Kibuule said the children drowned in the absence of their mother who had gone to supervise some work at a site.

"These are the kids I mostly loved in my life. They have died young, without doing anything bad on earth and I believe they have gone to heaven," he told mourners.

“I am ready to work hard for heaven so that I meet my children because if I don't then I have no chance of seeing them again.”

“Please pray for me too, to get the second set of twins and replace them because I loved them wholeheartedly. Since the Lord has taken them, no one can block that," he said.

Kibuule said President Museveni sent a message telling him that we should know that death comes anytime and we should prepare for it.

"What has happened to you is not easy but it happens," read part of the President’s message.

The former Minister of Information and National Guidance Jim Muhwezi who was in attendance, cautioned families with swimming pools to have nets around them to protect children.

"This is an example to us, and it is costly and painful but we should know that these luxurious things are dangerous," he said, adding that it is a by-law to have nets around family swimming pools. He appealed to parents to be responsible for their children because they are the main stand in a family.

Mukono Diocese Bishop, William Ssebagala, asked the parents to the deceased to believe that it's God who has called them. 

“Their time had come and the Lord had prepared them to leave the world on Monday so we don't have to blame anyone because this is not the first incident to happen," he said.

The bishop also appealed to parents, especially men, to be responsible for their children and to educate them. 

The Vice President of Uganda, Edward Ssekandi also attended the prayers and told the mourners it was all God’s plan and they should pray that they go to heaven.

The State Minister for Higher Education, John C. Muyingo, also attended the prayers.

There will be a service at the home at 3pm, and burial will take place on Wednesday May 15 at Kapeke village, Nama Sub-County, Mukono District.