Those buying mailo land are getting air - Museveni

Wednesday March 4 2015


Mbarara. President Museveni has warned that people buying mailo land in Mbarara are wasting their money.
The President said the people occupying the land will not be evicted as long as NRM is still in power.
Mr Museveni’s warning came after the area MP, Dr Mederd Bitekyerezo, requested him to help deal with rich people who connive with the Uganda land commission officials to evict helpless poor citizens from their land.
Dr Bitekyerezo said this was rampant in Koranorya, Rwobuyenje and Surveyor cell in Kakika, Mbarara municipality.
“Your Excellency, I request you to help me evict landlords. There is a category of people in Kampala who wait for land whose lease is about to expire and connive with officials of Uganda land commission to grab such lands from people,” Dr Bitekyerezo said.
He added that the Constitution says if a person has lived on a given land for more than 12 years, they own it, reminding the President that he is the one who said people should not be evicted from their land.
“There are more than 180 people living in Rwobuyenje land but there is one rich person who is threatening to evict them claiming they are living on his land. We need your help,” Dr Bitekyerezo said. But Mr Museveni said rich people should avoid buying land already occupied.
“If you bought land already occupied, know that you bought air, people will not be evicted instead you are the one who will go back where you came from,” Mr Museveni said, adding that the affected, especially those who were there before the 1995 Constitution, should not worry.
The President was speaking at the commissioning of the construction of Mbarara Bypass at Kyamugorani Primary School in Mbrarara Town last Saturday.
The 14km-long bypass is being constructed by China Railway Seventh Group and it stretches from Coca Cola plant near second division in Makenke to Rukyekye in Rwampara County.
Works minister John Byabagambi said the bypass will help to reduce traffic jam in Mbarara Town, which is to be elevated to a city status. The Shs160 billion project is funded by European Investment Bank, European Union and Government of Uganda.

Issuing certificates
Lands ministry has said it will issue certificates of title for customarily owned land in accordance with the International Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure (VGGT). Mr Gabindadde Musoke, the permanent secretary ministry of Lands, the new programme under the customary tenure system will ensure a proper tenure system and food security. The programme has so far started with Kasese.