Transport paralysed as floods cut of Kaliro-Buyende Road

Sunday December 08 2019

Men use a bicycle to carry a motorcycle to cross the flooded section of the road. PHOTO BY YAZID YOLISIGIRA

Transport between Kaliro and Buyende districts has been paralysed following the flooding of  a section of the road at Lumbuye Swamp.

The same road connects Kaliro to Kamuli District.

On Sunday, a one-kilometre stretch of the road was flooded making it difficult for motorists and pedestrians to move.

Mr Jamal Nkobe, a resident, said the flooding started last month following heavy rains that washed away culverts at the road section.


Travellers wade through water at the flooded section on Sunday. PHOTO BY YAZID YOLISIGIRA

kaliro 01pix

A man wades through water at the flooded section while carrying a sack of cotton. PHOTO BY YAZID YOLISIGIRA


A truck carrying sugarcane got stuck at the flooded section. PHOTO BY YAZID YOLISIGIRA

Several parts of the country are experiencing torrential rainfall.

Some areas in Bundibugyo Bududa and Sironko districts experiencing landslides that have claimed dozens of lives and displaced hundreds of people.

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