Tumukunde to Muslims: Stand up, speak for yourselves

Saturday August 1 2020

A Muslim cleric prays for former Security

A Muslim cleric prays for former Security minister and presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde at his home in Kololo, Kampala on July 31, 2020. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA  

By Arthur Arnold Wadero

Former Security minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has asked the Muslim community in Uganda to always speak up and address their concerns to authorities charged with policy implementation and administration of the country.
“In my dealings with them, especially during the terrorism times, I discovered that they have quite a lot of complaints but these complaints are not necessarily communicated to those who decide policy and the direction of the country,” the presidential aspirant said on Friday at his home in Kololo, Kampala where a section of Muslims had visited him.

“So I was telling them that it is always advisable that they communicate their thinking especially to some of us who want to offer leadership to this country. They must get to know how we think,” he added.
According to Tumukunde, it is important that their concerns are channelled to right authorities.

“This is the same advice I gave to the people of the Acholi sub region when they had very pertinent issues with the central government. I informed them that it matters that the government gets to know what hurts them,” Gen Tumukunde said.
“You have pains that others don’t know. However, some of you haven’t done enough in terms of communication. I therefore, implore you to communicate and reach to those with policy makers and influencers,” Gen Tumukunde advised.
In reaction, the Muslim leaders through the Kampala District Khadhi, Mr Edrisi Luswabi prayed that Tumukunde ascends to Sate House so that their concerns are addressed.

“We pray that the almighty takes you to and shows us that you’re in State House. We pray that you give us people who think about us,” Mr Luswabi said in prayer
“For the time I have heard him speak, it is evident that he has tenets of a good leader which is rare in this day and age,” he added.
Gen Tumukunde is currently battling charges of treason and unlawful possession of firearms that were slapped on him following his arrest early this year in his home, Kololo.
The treason charges are allegedly premised on what he said on a talk show at a local television station.
Tumukunde’s arrest in March happened just days after he formally expressed interest to contest for president in 2021.