Two drown as fishermen fight over fishing gear

Friday December 14 2018



PALLISA- Tension is high in Pallisa and Ngora districts in eastern Uganda following a dispute among fishermen over the use of illegal fishing nets on Lake Nyaguo.

The dispute stems from accusations that some fishermen are using illegal fishing nets.

This comes after the Beach Management Committee headed by Mr Faustino Mwanika, and his team tried to stop Calvin Opedum, a  one Omunyokol and Mr  Silas Omudu from Ngora District, from  using illegal fishing nets.

 During the operation, a fist fight erupted and in the process, Opedun and Omunyokol, reportedly drowned while Mr Omudu survived.

 Agule Sub-county chairperson, Ms Jane Francis Atuko confirmed the incident, saying that the 11.00 am fight triggered revenge attacks by fishermen from Ngora District.

They reportedly stormed the village at about 3.00pm and looted goats, sheep and other

 household property from several homes in Keria village, Pallisa District.

The attacks forced several residents to free their homes.

“We had planned for a meeting today (Friday) over the issue of illegal fishing nets. Unfortunately, I got a call from police that the two fishing communities fought leaving two people dead. This was an unfortunate and regrettable incident,” she said.

Lake Nyaguo is a tributary of Lake Kyoga. It is shared by three districts of Pallisa, Kumi and Ngora and remains one the biggest sources of livelihood for people near the lake.

Mr Dan Kauta, the assistant fisheries officer and Mr Mwanika, have been arrested to help police with investigations

 Bodies of the fishermen have not been recovered as Police deploy to quell possible revenge attacks.

 On May 28 2017, Police in Agule rescued two fishermen who were believed to have been terrorising their fellow fishermen on the lake.