UPDF officer in army court for killing eight people in Kanungu

Monday June 6 2016

Lance Corporal Moses Katwesigye (in-front)

Lance Corporal Moses Katwesigye (in-front) being marched into the court Martial sitting at Kihihi Polytechnic Playground on Monday. PHOTO BY EDSON KINENE 


KANUNGU. Lance Corporal Moses Katwesigye who allegedly shot dead eight people in Kanungu on April 21 is appearing before army court martial today (Monday).
The court martial chaired by Col. Geoffrey Mujuni is sitting at Kihihi Polytechnic Playground in Kihihi Town Council in Kanungu district.

LCpl Katwesigye was attached to the 307 UPDF Brigade barracks at Mburamizi in Kihihi Town Council and served as nurse. He shot dead two soldiers; LCpl Saverio Byansi and Pte Sarah Auma who was his wife from the barracks at around 9pm.
He had allegedly developed a misunderstanding with Pte. Auma. He ran out of the barracks, shot dead six other civilians and injured three others at the nearby Kiruruma trading centre out of rage before hehanded himself to police.

The civilians he allegedly murdered are Maria Musiimenta, 38, Medard Byamukama, 38, Oliver Tindiwensi Tugumisirize, 48, Apohia Kyosimire, 18, Victory Gumoshabe, 7, and Shafi Ndahikire, 32, all from Kiruruma Village.
He allegedly injured Dick Tumuheirwe, Emmanuel Mbarekye and Frank Twongyeirwe. Major Ronald Kakurungu, the UPDF Second Division spokesperson, said on Monday that they take the court to areas where the offenses are committed so that the affected civilians able to follow the proceedings.

“This is a capital offence, it involved death of civilians, the civilians are very much interested in the case. The victims, their relatives and witnesses are from here (in Kihihi); it would be cumbersome to make them travel to Mbarara (UPDF Second Division headquarters) to attend the proceedings. It is our commitment to expose the accused to the full and open trial, to show that there is nothing to hide,” said Maj. Kakurungu.