US Air Force honours Kayihura

Sunday October 12 2014

Gen Kale Kayihura (2ndR front row) after graduating from the US Air University in 2008. Courtesy photo


The Air Force department at the Air University in the US, has nominated the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, for an international honour.

The commander and president, Air University in Albama, Lt Gen David S Fadok, wrote to Gen Kayihura on August 25 informing him of his nomination as an alumna of the university for distinguished service.

“In recognition of your achievements as the Uganda Inspector General of Police, I am honoured to notify you of your induction into the Air University International Honour Roll,” reads Gen Fadok’s letter in part, adding that: “If your schedule permits, we would be honoured to have you attend…a plague engraved with your name and position will be permanently displayed at Air University’s International Officer School for future students and visitors to see,” reads the letter of notice.

However, it appears Gen Kayihura could miss the ceremony after his letter of invitation arrived late.
“If attending, please respond by September 15, or your induction into the IHR will be in absentia,” the letter reads. Gen Kayihura received the letter of invitation that was sent through Uganda’s military attaché to Uganda’s Embassy in Washington DC on October 3, a month after the scheduled deadline for him to submit an acceptance letter raising suspicion of sabotage.