US mayor to Bobi Wine: We’ll support you in 2021

Monday November 11 2019

Talk.  Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine,

Talk. Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, addresses the media at Kyandondo in Kampala last year. He is currently soliciting financial support from Ugandan’s living in the diaspora (USA) towards the 2021 presidential election. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 


Newly elected Mayor of Boston city in USA has assured Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, of support in his 2021 presidential bid.
Speaking at Bobi Wine fundraising dinner in Boston on Saturday night, Ms Jeanette McCarthy, said Bobi Wine’s courage would deliver Uganda to a peaceful transfer of power.

“It begins with courageous people when there is injustice that is what everyone is looking for in Uganda because democracy in that country is not so good. It is always said that absolute democracy works absolutely in many states and I can assure Mr Wine that USA will give you support,” Ms McCarthy said.
We could not confirm whether she was speaking on behalf of the US government or on her own.
In response to Ms McCarthy’s statement, the deputy executive director of the government media centre, Col Shaban Bantariza, said such support is useless because Bobi Wine’s absolute support has to come from Uganda.

“That is nonsense. Tell that mayor that Bobi Wine’s constituency is in Uganda. How can her comment affect the voters in Uganda who are going to choose their leaders. USA should know that we don’t need their help whatsoever,” he said.
Bobi Wine is currently on a fundraising trip in the USA where he is expected to meet Ugandans living in different cities to raise financial support ahead of the 2021 General Election.
Bobi Wine met with Ugandans living in Toronto yesterday before being hosted on Boston TV where he was asked about a number of issues including his plan to challenge President Museveni in 2021.
On November 16 and November 17, he will meet Ugandans in Seatle and San Francisco, respectively.

During an interview with BBC Newsday’s Alan Kasujja at State House last month, President Museveni described Bobi Wine as an “enemy of progress in Uganda” using “foreigners to wage war on the country’s prosperity.” He said Bobi Wine had gone to the USA and dissuaded Americans from investing in Uganda.
In his speech at the dinner, Bobi Wine talked about a range of issues which he says compelled him to run against Mr Museveni. He cited poor education, bad health services, lack of rule of law and continued injustice, among others.

“We are not going to international agencies and foreign governments for support but I will run to Ugandans in the diaspora to help fund the cause. This is the time to have locally funded election to remove dictator Museveni who has caused misery to our country,” Bobi Wine said at the dinner.
The excited crowd wearing Bobi Wine’s People Power red berets also listened to Bobi Wine’s songs, which are critical of President Museveni’s government.

During the dinner, one of the attendees, Prof Milton Allimadi, a Ugandan living in the US, said he had been following the injustices in Uganda and condemned the raid on the students of Makerere University during the protests against fees increment.
“I call all universities in the world to protest against this injustice because an attack on one student is an attack on all students. We know that Bobi Wine will deliver the democracy that we are looking for,” Prof Allimadi said.