Uganda’s Covid-19 cases rise to 97

Tuesday May 5 2020


By Faith Amongin

The Ministry of Health on Monday evening announced eight new cases of Covid-19 bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 97.

Six of the confirmed cases were out of the 2,061 samples from truck drivers while two are from the community.

Five of the truck drivers arrived from Malaba border post while one was from Mutukula border point of entry.

One community case is a resident of Kyotera district while the other is a Ugandan truck driver from Mutukula. These were confirmed out of the 185 samples from the Rapid Assessment Survey.

So far, the total number of recoveries that have henceforth been discharged is 55. No fatalities have been registered.

Despite the rising number of cases brought in by mostly truck drivers, President Yoweri Museveni still insists that cargo transportation must continue arguing that stopping them would have a very detrimental effect on the economy since they bring in “essential goods”.


“Stopping these people would be suicidal, cargo has to continue,” Mr Museveni said in one of his recent addresses to the nation.

The President, however, put guidelines such as restricting the number of occupants in the vehicle and mandatory testing of truck drivers as a way of keeping the spread of the virus at bay. Truck drivers were also restricted from making unnecessary stopovers where they would easily come in contact with the community thus spreading the virus.

The President has also added another 14 day extension of the lockdown, having been under lockdown for approximately 44 days now, as medical experts continue to monitor the situation, especially now when there are some cases from the community.

He, however, allowed some 'crucial' sectors to resume work but under strict guidelines and must follow Standard Operating Procedures in place including compulsory wearing of masks while in public.

The partial opening up will see agriculture, construction, hardware shops, wood and metal workshops, vehicle garages, restaurants, wholesalers and warehouses allowed to operate.