Uganda could only achieve two MDGs

Monday May 6 2013



Uganda will achieve only two of the eight Millennium Development Goals, a new report by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund has revealed.

The Global Monitoring Report 2013 says Uganda will only afford to halve poverty and provide clean and safe water.

Speaking during the launch of the report in Uganda at the Economic Policy Research Centre last week, the World Bank Country Manager, Mr Ahadou Moustapha Ndiaye, said Uganda’s overall progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) had been mixed.

“Uganda has surpassed the target on halving poverty, and made significant progress in reducing the population that suffers from hunger, in promoting gender equality and in empowering women,” Mr Ndiaye said.
“In contrast, health-related MDGs, including child and maternal mortality rates, remain slow while progress that had been achieved on access to HIV/Aids, malaria and Tuberculosis treatment has reversed in some aspects,” he said.

With only two years to the deadline, the Global Monitoring Report 2013 indicates that Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind all the other continents in achieving and making progress towards achieving the MDGs.


At the continental level, Mr Ndiaye said performance differs across regions, with the North and North-East lagging in most indicators, while the Southwest performs worst on health-related indicators. Going forward and beyond the MDGs, Mr Ndiaye said looking at Uganda’s past impressive record in growth and poverty reduction, the journey was still long.

Mr Ndiaye advised that the government should put more emphasis on human development and focus most in quality of education rather than the quantity (number of children enrolling). This year’s report put emphasis on urbanisation, which it says developing countries need to harness to achieve the MDGs.