Uganda’s coronavirus cases rise to 53

Wednesday April 8 2020

President Yoweri Museveni addressing the nation

President Yoweri Museveni addressing the nation on preventive measures against corona virus, from State House Entebbe on recently. PPU PHOTO  

By Monitor Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday evening revealed that the number of Uganda’s Covid-19 cases now stands at 53.

He said that on April 8, 2020 a total number of 214 samples were tested and only one of those tested positive, 213 samples tested negative.

Mr Museveni noted that since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Uganda, a total number of about 3600 samples have been tested and only 53 have turned out to be positive.

“Thank you Ugandans for responding well. If we had not acted well, I do not know where we would be now. This virus is easy especially for us in Africa. If people were serious, it would be easy. Keep away the matchbox, scatter the dry grass then add your individual responsibility,” he said.

“There are some actors that play with fire. This disease is very dangerous. Those playing with fire should stop playing and talking nonsense. You're in the house bored? That is good for you, you could be in the grave. There is no boredom there, things are very calm. Mass death is what we are talking about, stopping it. So I am going to be very harsh with anyone who is playing around because it seems people don't understand the civilised way of doing things,” Mr Museveni added.


The President cautioned security personnel against beating people and using excessive force while handling quarantine and curfew offenders.

“Handle issues firmly but legally. Beating people is giving our security forces a bad image. That beating is illegal and pointless, what are you beating for? I don't have to depend on you (security) because my cameras are everywhere. I told the IGP to go to the camera room and watch for me. He gave me a report of what he saw. If you are not doing your work we shall get you,” he said.

Mr Museveni also asked the landlords to stop evicting people in this coronavirus crisis

“Landlords trying to evict people for not paying rent, this should not be allowed. They should contribute. The world is not ending, the shutdown is for a limited period, and it will end. The debt can be cleared after we are through with this,” he said.