Uganda’s life span increases to 54

Friday June 20 2014

By Martin Ssebuyira

Kampala- Ugandans now live longer after a report showed that their life expectancy has improved in the last nine years.

The just released National State of Environment Report, citing the Population Reference Bureau of the US, indicates that Ugandans’ life expectancy is estimated at 54 years on average.
“Uganda has gained in life expectancy from 45 years in 2003 to 54 years in 2012. Although there is a gain in life expectancy, it is still very low compared to developed countries which have life expectancy of 70 years and above,” the report reads in part.
The Uganda Bureau of Statistics had put Ugandans’ life expectancy at 50.4 years.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistic (Ubos), the life expectancy has increased due to improved quality of life and better access to health services.
“The increment in life expectancy is a clear manifestation of the results from mass immunisation, efforts to reduce accidents and prevention of early deaths,” Mr Geoffrey Nabongo, the Ubos spokesperson, said.

Mr Charles Musana, the spokesperson of the Population Secretariat, however, said the country needed to take better steps in order to keep in the right direction.

“There is need to invest in better health services and keep girls in schools to reduce child mortality because they are the future mothers,” he said in a separate interview.

Mr Paul Nyende, the head of Institute of Community Psychology Makerere University, said the results show that Ugandans are enjoying mental peace.


“People no longer have much stress because they have smaller families than in the 1980s that makes them enjoy some kind of mental peace and increase their life expectancy,” he said, adding that: “People had an average of eight children in those years but the number has now reduced to four because they are sure of their children’s survival.”

He said although health services may not be the best in general hospitals, there many private health centers offering better health services that can be accessed by people.