Union workers announce strike over salary raise

Thursday June 21 2018



Kampala- Union workers have resolved to lay down their tools starting June 23 after government refused to enhance their salaries in the new financial year.

Although government agreed to increase salaries for selected public servants, including doctors, teachers and state prosecutors, the workers, through their representatives on the National Executive Committee of Public Service Trade Unions, insist the salary increment should be made across the board by 255 per cent in the next five years.

In a joint statement at the weekend, the public servants, together with leaders of Uganda National Organisation of Trade Unions, accuse government of unilaterally increasing salaries of a few selected public servants without consulting and negotiating with public service trade unions for an agreement.

“This communication, therefore, affirms the earlier resolution made to go on an indefinite industrial action until an agreement is reached between government and the public service trade unions,” the statement dated June 16 reads in part.
When contacted, Col Shaban Bantariza, the deputy executive director Uganda Media Centre, a government communication clearing house, said staging a strike will not solve concerns of public servants.

“Government appreciates the need to enhance salaries of all its employees, but that will be done in a phased manner because there is no money now. If they choose to go on strike just because they have not signed an agreement with government, that will not bring money into their pockets,” he said .