Use wetlands for fishing, Museveni tells Busoga

Sunday December 08 2019
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President Museveni at the Lubega Institute of Nursing and Health Professionals' where he presided over their first graduation ceremony at Busei village, Nakalama sub-county in Iganga District. PPU PHOTO

President Museveni has advised people in Busoga Sub-region to use wetlands for fish farming instead of rice growing, saying it will create more jobs for youth and reduce unemployment.

“The Public Service jobs which are available are not enough to satisfy the 42 million people in Uganda; so fish farming will help to employ some youths like other sectors are doing. Also, fish farming is more productive than rice growing as it conserves the wetlands,” he said.
Mr Museveni made the remarks on Friday during a graduation ceremony for Mukono Life Skill Care Institute, at Bugweri District headquarters.
A total of 800 students graduated in hair dressing, tailoring and welding, among other skills.

Small scale industries
While donating Shs30m, Mr Museveni encouraged people in Busoga to start small scale industries such as shoes and chalk-making.
“The bad thing in Africa, Uganda and Busoga is the practice of land fragmentation as a result of inheritance of land. The only asset that parents leave to their children when they have passed on is land. But we want to change that so that children can inherit skills from their parents instead of land,” he said.

He further urged residents to embark on commercial farming.
The Second Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Kirunda Kivejinja, said the only way to develop the communities is to embark on skills jobs because of the ready market.
Ms Judith Nalumansi, the executive director of the institute, said poor attitude of parents towards skills jobs is affecting enrolment in vocational schools.