Vendors decry poor sanitation in Nyendo Market

Wednesday January 16 2019

They claim the uncollected garbage at the

They claim the uncollected garbage at the market has seen a stench engulf the entire facility, creating a filthy environment. FILE PHOTO 


Vendors at Nyendo Market in Masaka Municipality are abandoning the market and opting for roadside stalls over bad stench.
They claim the uncollected garbage at the market has seen a stench engulf the entire facility, creating a filthy environment.
“What we see here is a reflection of a rotten leadership in Nyendo/Ssenyange Division. Leaders connive with their superiors at the municipal council to make false reports that garbage is collected on a weekly basis, yet whenever a truck is sent here, it takes only one trip ,” Mr Peter Wasswa, one of the vendors at the market, said on Monday.
Mr Wasswa claims garbage at the market has not been collected for the last two months.

Electricity and water at the market were also disconnected last year over accumulated debts despite vendors paying for the utility bills.

Vendors at the market, who deal in fish are also crying foul after the Fisheries Protection Unit confiscated their fish and closed their stalls for dealing in immature fish.

Mr John Ssendago, the chairperson Nyendo Market said although they have made efforts to improve sanitation at the market, it remains the responsibility of municipal authorities to transport garbage to the gazetted landfill, 10 kilometres away worrying that cases of cholera could be registered.

Mr Ssendago said vendors with big stalls on the ground floor pay Shs32,000 monthly, while those with small lock-ups are charged Shs12, 200.

The electricity bills are charged separately depending on individual consumption.


Masaka District Resident Commissioner Herman Ssentongo said he has since directed the municipal council authorities to dispatch trucks to remove the garbage.

Mr Paul Omoko, the Masaka Municipality town clerk blamed the problem on lack of funds which he said has frustrated their efforts to keep the entire Masaka town clean due to the increased population and the lack enough garbage trucks.
The town’s population has doubled in the last decade from 79,000 people to 150,000.

Nyendo Market, which was funded by Arab Bank for Economic Development at a tune of Shs11.7b was commissioned by President Museveni in November 2016.
The market, which has 520 stalls was designed to accommodate at least 2,500 people, but about 250 stalls are empty on the second floor of the market.