We shall not discriminate against gays - World Vision

Tuesday March 11 2014

By David Mafabi

World Vision, a Christian founded humanitarian organisation, has said it will not discriminate against gays, even as President Museveni recently signed a law which criminalises same-sex activities.

In a statement released recently, the organisation said same-sex relationships was a sensitive issue that touches peoples’ emotions, identity and cultures. Thus “we need to find balance to respect all kinds of people without discrimination”.

“Sexual orientation of those we serve or those with whom we collaborate with will not be a consideration during our work. The issue of same-sex relationships will neither prevent us from serving children, families and communities around the world, nor obstruct our collaboration with one another and with our partner organisations,” said the statement signed by Mr Gilbert Kamanga, the national director, World Vision Uganda.

Rising debate
The issue of same sex relationships continues to generate a lot of debate both within and beyond Uganda.
Uganda has been criticised for adopting a law that imposes harsh punishments for those found guilty of engaging or assisting the promotion of same sex relationships in the country.

The law proposes a life sentence for repeat or aggravated offenders and 14 years for those found guilty of promoting the activity.

The statement also said World Vision would not support or promote any law that causes stigma or discriminates any group of people or an individual.


“World Vision Uganda opposes any law that fails to meet human rights standards and results in stigmatisation or discrimination of any group or class of people,” reads the statement in part.