Wembley boss heads to Naads

Monday September 8 2014

The Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof

The Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof Mondo Kagonyera (R), hands over a certificate to Brig Elly Kayanja last month at the passing out of 300 soldiers expected to monitor Naads. PHOTO BY Abubaker Lubowa 


Kampala. Brig Elly Kayanja has been appointed the head of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads), in its new role led by the army, Daily Monitor has learnt.
Sources within the army say the brigadier will also head the Army’s Operation Wealth Creation project that was launched some years back and will have Naads as a component.
“We [army] have been having several projects running under our supervision. Naads is just added to what I already supervise,” Brig Kayanja said yesterday in a telephone interview.
He said the other projects that the Army is involved in include supplying coffee under the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, planting trees through the National Forestry Authority.
Others are National Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda Investment Authority and the Uganda Cotton Authority.
“The whole idea is looking at the various ways of how we can alleviate our people from poverty,” Brig Kayanja said.
Presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi said he could not affirm to a person whose appointment has not been signed by the President.
“If it is a wedding, the introduction has been finished. I cannot confirm on something the President has not appended his signature yet,” Mr Mirundi said yesterday.
President Museveni recently directed that the UPDF takes over Naads, arguing that corrupt civilian civil servants were frustrating the programme and hence military intervention would array of hope.
The idea was approved by the Parliament and the appointment of Brig Kayanja means the army will now be coordinating directly the programme that has been dogged with corruption accusations countrywide.
Brig Kayanja said he has been assigned the duty to ensure that all the supplies are delivered and reach the people.
His appointment, however, is still open.
“I don’t know when it will end because what we want is to attain project’s intended objectives,” Brig Kayanja said.

Brig kayanja’s profile
Brig Kayanja, one of the NRM bush war fighters, is a former director general of the Internal Security Organisation. He rose to prominence when he commanded Operation Wembley, which eliminated hardcore criminal gangs that were terrorising Kampala city, its suburbs and upcountry town areas. Brig Kayanja also has a certificate in farm management.