What Pastor Muwanguzi told Jinja RDC to spark studio brawl

Tuesday April 7 2020

Pastor Muwanguzi lies on a bed at Nile

Pastor Muwanguzi lies on a bed at Nile International Hospital in Jinja following his assault by suspected security operatives he claims were led by Jinja RDC, Eric Sakwa. COURTESY PHOTOS 


Pastor Andrew Muwanguzi was on Saturday allegedly involved in a physical altercation with Jinja Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Eric Sakwa, during a talkshow on one of the local radio stations.
The topic under discussion was Government's decision to distribute food to sections of vulnerable people in Kampala, despite Speaker Rebecca Kadaga saying the process should be halted until it is rolled out countrywide.
The show, moderated by Mr Kalyowa Atanansi, initially had Pastor Muwanguzi, the deputy RDC Namayingo District, Mr Majid Dhikusooka and Tom Ngobi, a Jinja-based Pastor, before being joined an hour later by Mr Sakwa as panelists.
According to Mr Kalyowa, the altercation happened towards the end of the two-hour talkshow.

"The show was coming to an end that Mr Dhikusooka and Pastor Ngobi were gathering their things to leave the studio," Mr Kalyowa said.
He added: "However, Mr Sakwa, who had to first respond to some issues raised by callers and through social media, started by saying: 'A presidential directive is a presidential directive. He has executive powers and shouldn't be challenged even by your local singer and guitarist."
Mr Muwanguzi reportedly responded: "I've not spoken about President Museveni, so please leave Bobi Wine out of this."

According to Mr Kalyowa, it was at this juncture that Sakwa grabbed him by the collar before being held back by Mr Dhikusooka.
However, a recording of the talkshow gives an insight into what exactly happened.
"A caller asked if RDCs are above the law; well, I'm not above the law, but when you are told not to do something, do otherwise and break the law, we implement," Mr Sakwa says in the one-and-a-half minutes long recording.
He continues: "All this you're saying that 'Why has the President directed some and not others; others aren't receiving food and so on. This is a Government. You're not in Government."

"We shall give your local singer a guitar, otherwise we can't allow guitarists," Mr Sakwa adds.
Mr Muwanguzi then asks Mr Sakwa: "What were you doing before being appointed RDC?"
Sakwa then dares Mr Muwanguzi to hold a procession in Jinja and face his wrath.
"Just try holding a procession in Jinja today and I show you what we are made of. Go and tell it to your father, mother and grandfather," Mr Sakwa tells Muwanguzi, who retorts: "You also take Museveni to your mother."
This triggered a stampede in the studio, prompting Mr Kalyowa to take an indefinite commercial break.

Mr Muwanguzi, in an interview on Monday, said he was later that evening attacked by about 11 gun and stick-welding security operatives who beat him up and forced him into a super custom vehicle that had Mr Sakwa in the front seat.
"They used my Bishop, Robert Sityo, to get me out of the house because it was around 10:30pm, past curfew time and I was in my pajamas," he said.
"Are you going to apologise to Sakwa and Museveni? Are you sure there is no Covid-19 in Uganda?" I was being asked to which I said, "Yes, there's Covid-19 in the country."
"I still don't believe I was being accused of saying there's no Covid-19 in Uganda; but according to the calls that were being made, most were coming from Kampala," he said.


"I was then taken to Nalufenya at around 1am on Sunday after their efforts to take me to Jinja CPS failed because the back entrance was locked," he recounts.

Police preferred charges of abusing the the person of the president against the pastor before he was released on bond.

Bobi Wine factor
While it is widely believed that Mr Muwanguzi was assaulted and arrested for allegedly' abusing the person of the president', the People Power coordinator for Busoga region, said he's been waiting for this moment for five months.
"On October 27, I hosted Bobi Wine in Jinja and that's when security meetings to have me arrested started. I again hosted him three weeks ago and my arrest was looming. It is as a result of a compilation of different things," Mr Muwanguzi said.

Mr Muwanguzi, who is currently still receiving treatment at Nile International Hospital in Jinja, said he is taking Sakwa to court.
Daily Monitor has learnt that Mr Muwanguzi's medical bills are being fully covered by People Power.
Mr Sakwa neither answered, returned calls nor responded to messages that were sent to him.