What they said about Kayihura’s arrest

Thursday June 14 2018

Gen Kayihura (R) was succeeded by Martins

Gen Kayihura (R) was succeeded by Martins Okoth-Ochola. 

Mugisha Muntu, Former FDC party president:

“We have to understand the reasons for his arrest and the form of arrest before we can comment. Definitely, there is no one above the law, we need to know the cause of the arrest for an informed comment. It is interesting when we look at most of the controversies he was caught up in which made us think that he was fronting interests of the state by meting out violence against whoever seemed opposed. Let us understand the cause of the arrest and we can comment better.”

Col Shaban Bantariza, deputy executive director Uganda Media Centre:

“Gen Kayihura is still a serving officer of the UPDF and it is UPDF which picked him up so they are responsible for what they are doing with him; it has nothing to do with government, you ask the UPDF.”

Semujju Ibrahim Nganda, FDC party spokesperson:

“There is in-fighting in the armed forces; each one is accusing the other and it is playing out into the vulnerability of the President. We had a time when it was Gen Salim Saleh fighting [Gen Tumwine, [Gen] Tinyefuza fighting [Gen] Kazini, Ahmed Kashilingi, Kyaligonza. That time, the President was strong, but today he is not as strong as he was when he used to be the arbiter, which he cannot do anymore. That is why in Zimbabwe, when the generals saw that [president] Robert Mugabe was failing control, they had to take over to ensure stability of the country. Gen Kayihura was celebrating when [Gen] Tinyefuza was arrested; and don’t be surprised when those who have arrested him today are also arrested in future.”

Mr Francis Gonahasa, Kabwiri MP, Kibuku:

“I was with Gen Kayihura at [Makerere] university and he was a good general, but it seems power got into his head and he misused it. How can you imagine him recruiting lumpens into the police and they soil the image of the police? I have friends working in the police and many have lost the respect that the old police used to have. What goes around, comes around. The time [assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix] Kaweesi was killed, the police was not in control.”

Livingstone Ssewanyana, executive director Foundation for Human Rights Initiative:

“I hope it is confirmed that he is now arrested because I saw a statement from the UPDF, which has gone viral on social media regarding his arrest. But the question is arrested by who, for what? The law is very clear anyone can be arrested and he is no exception; he can be arrested provided he is informed promptly of the charge in the language he understands. He should appear before a competent court of law within 48 hours.”

Prof Apolo Nsibambi, former Prime Minister:

“I just heard about it; I have not verified that information, therefore, I have no comment.”

Ingrid Turinawe, chairperson FDC Women’s League:

“I cannot believe that he has been arrested because you know what he did to us. Let the law take its course. I do not wish him to go through what he subjected us to, but he should be paraded before the press like he used to do with suspects and taken to court. He should not be tortured but the public should be allowed to follow what is happening so that we know the reasons why he was arrested and what is going on around his case.”

Mr John Baptist Nambeshe, Manjiya County MP, Bududa:

“I have been seeing it on social media. I need to get to my sources because I have been doubting the letter, which has gone viral on social media, explaining how he was picked up from his residence, but it does not speak about his interrogation. Since he is a general, let me leave matters of generals to generals until I have gathered more information.”