Woman drags Makindye deputy mayor to court over house

Sunday February 24 2019


By Tom Malaba

Kampala- A mother of three has accused the deputy mayor of Makindye Division of stealing a copy of her land title and using it as security to borrow Shs15m from a money lender who has since thrown her out of the house.
Ms Brenda Nakagiri says Mr Vincent Kawere stole her title and used it in 2008 to borrow Shs15m from Mr Francis Mugenyi, a money lender.

Three weeks ago, Mr Mugenyi ejected Ms Nakagiri and all her belongings from the house on Block 265, Plot 3432 in Kanaala Zone, Mutundwe.

“I sued both Mr Mugenyi and Mr Kawere in the High Court in Kampala, but on January 22, the case was dismissed by the High Court, that is how he came and threw me out of the house,” Ms Nakagiri says of her 11-year legal battle to retain her family house.

Ms Nakagiri, who now rents a house near her former home, has since instituted fresh civil proceedings against the duo with the hope of regaining her family property.

But Mr Kawere said a solution to the problem lies in every one of them accepting their roles in the deal.

“The truth is that Ms Nakagiri borrowed Shs15m from Mr Mugenyi. Trying to deny wrongdoing will not help if we are to find a solution to this problem. The good thing is that Ms Nakagiri has taken us to court and we hope there will be a chance for mediation where this issue can be ironed out once and for all,” Mr Kawere said.


Money lender speaks out
When contacted to clarify on who of the two had borrowed money from him, Mr Mugenyi only said: “That issue is in court, it will be sub judice if I talked about it. If you are interested in attending the court proceedings, you are free to come to court.”

But Mr Kawere insists that Ms Nakagiri borrowed the money to enable her travel abroad.

“If we insist on court, we will never come up with an amicable solution to this impasse, my role was to bring the two together; that I accept. That is why I did not put up a spirited defence when we were in court,” the Makindye Division mayor said.

However, Ms Nakagiri denies having borrowed any money from Mr Mugenyi, but says it was Mugenyi who informed her how he had bought the house from Mr Kawere.

“If I borrowed the money, why am I taking them to court? They have never taken me to court. It was Mr Mugenyi who told me how he (Mr Kawere) borrowed Shs15m from him using my title,” Ms Nakagiri said.
She accused Mr Kawere of altering the title in the names of Mr Cedric Serwanga and Mr Timothy Kisutu, her children, into his own names and using the title to borrow money.