Woman stages own kidnap to get Shs25m from boyfriend

Monday April 16 2018


By Monitor Reporter

Police are holding a 21-year- old woman who allegedly staged her own kidnap with the intention of extorting money from her boyfriend.
Mariam Uwase, reportedly came up with the idea to get money from her boyfriend who is allegedly mean.

Using a magic voice service, Uwase made teary calls to her boyfriend on different phone numbers claiming she was in the hands of abductors who would kill her if he did not send Shs25 million to secure her release.

The man sent the “kidnappers” Shs700,000 as a commitment that he would send the balance later.
He then reported the case at Lugala Police Station.

After a few days of negotiations with the alleged abductors, Old Kampala Police launched a rescue mission.
They were shocked after finding Uwase living large and comfortable in a Kampala mansion.

Upon questioning, she confessed her misdeeds arguing that she lacked money for her siblings’ upkeep.

She is detained at Old Kampala Police Station on charges of giving false information.


According to the Penal Code Act, whoever gives to any person employed in the public service information which he or she knows or believes to be false, commits a misdemeanour.