Activists demand report on women murders, kidnaps

Saturday June 30 2018

Men join women during a march held on Saturday

Men join women during a march held on Saturday by Dr Stella Nyanzi and other activists in protest against the murder of 42 females in the country. PHOTO BY KELVIN ATUHAIRE  

By Flora Aduk and Joseph Kato

KAMPALA. Wearing black t-shirts with inscriptions such as; stop kidnapping women, women just want to live, women's life matter and placards with a wealth of phrases all calling for action against violence against women, they marched in confidence and with zeal from Centenary Park to Railway grounds.

Codenamed #WomensMarchUg, the gathering comprised of activists, both male and female, families of women who were murdered in Entebbe, Nansana and other areas, non governmental organisations, members of the diplomatic corps such as ambassadors Debora Malac (US) and Sophia Makame (Frence) and just about anyone from different walks of life.

“We have shown this country that women lives matter. Women must be protected. Women should not be raped, should not be kidnapped or killed for ransom. We need protection and accountability of all women who have been killed,” Dr Nyanzi said.

A female activist carrying a baby duding the
A female activist carrying a baby duding the protest. COURTESY PHOTO

At least 80 cases of kidnaps and murders for ransom have been registered across the country in the last four months. Of these cases, 10 mutilated bodies of women were recovered whereas eight others are still missing. The figures of kidnaps and murders were revealed by Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, while addressing the media more than a month ago and while appearing on a joint security briefing by line ministers and security chiefs, mid-June.
Over 23 women were raped and killed with twigs inserted in in their private parts between May and September last year mostly in Nansana Municipality and Katabi town council in Entebbe.

Mr Kabanda Kyagulanyi, a rights activists, who was wearing on a gomesi and women shoes, to symbolise that he understands their plight, said police should explain to the public who was behind last year’s women killings in Wakiso and the recent spate of kidnaps and murders.


Dr Stella Nyanzi (with drum) moblising  felow
Dr Stella Nyanzi (with drum) moblising felow women to get ready for the ‘women march UG’ protesting against the murder of 42 women in Uganda on Saturday morning at Centenary park in Kampala.

“Every time women are brutally killed, police say they are investigating but they don’t tell the public who killed them. We demand that they explain to us who killed these women and who is kidnapping and killing them now,” Mr Kyagulanyi said.

Dr Nyanzi applauded city rights lawyer, Nicholas Opio, for standing with women as they were being tossed up and down by police in a bid to frustrate their peaceful march. She also appreciated IGP Ochola and Kampala Metropolitan police boss, Moses Kafeero, for providing them with security as they marched through the streets of Kampala.

The Inspector General of Police, Martins Okoth Ochola, had earlier blocked the peaceful demonstration in protest against the rampant women kidnaps and murders in the country but the women activists were later allowed to conduct their activities.

Activists giving out t-shirts to people before
Activists giving out t-shirts to people before the start of the protest. PHOTO BY FLORA ADUK