Youth defect to Mbabazi camp

Sunday November 15 2015

 Some of the NRM youth who defected to Amama Mbabazi’s

Some of the NRM youth who defected to Amama Mbabazi’s Go Foward camp in Mbarara District on Thursday. PHOTO BY COLLEB MUGUME  


MBARARA- A section of NRM party youth members from the districts of Mbarara, Isingiro, Ibanda, Sheema and Ntungamo have defected to the Go-Forward camp, declaring to support Mr Amama Mbabazi for presidency in the next general elections.
The youth announced their decision on Thursday at Freedom Gardens in Mbarara Town on Thursday.

“I have resigned as the NRM youth league chairperson for Rugando Sub-county in Mbarara effective today and officially declared joining Go-Forward,” said Mr Jarc Tusiime who claimed to have defected with more than 30 youth.

Reasons for defection
Mr Tusiime cited some of the reasons for defections as being unfair treatment and commercialisation of politics he explained has denied citizens the right to get leaders of their choice.

He added that even when the youth petition party leadership about their grievances they are never given attention.

The Ankole region DP/Go-Forward coordinator, Mr Didas Lukyamuzi, said they are ready and willing to work and support those that show allegiance to Mr Amama Mbabazi in his presidential bid.

Mr Bright Muhumuza, the Mbarara District Go-Forward coordinator, however, told the youth that it is not all about just changing political camps but joining intensive ground mobilisation to see their candidate succeeds.