Let’s embrace preventive healthcare, says expert

Tuesday August 11 2020

Dr Monica Musenero (L) interacts with scientists at one of the medical laboratories at Ndejje University in Kampala at the weekend. PHOTO/DAN WANDERA

As Ugandans struggle to adapt to the different healthcare guidelines set by the Ministry of Health in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Monica Musenero, a senior epidemiologist and presidential adviser on Epidemics, has urged the general public to embrace preventive healthcare to reduce costs incurred in treatment.

“The compromised lifestyle that ignores the primary healthcare guidelines right from the doorsteps of our homes backed by gaps in the healthcare system that concentrates on curative care is not very sustainable in our country. We need to transfer the health responsibilities back to our respective homes where hygiene is a concern for all,’’ Dr Musenero told Ndejje University staff while touring the medical laboratory at the university main campus as part of her countrywide tour of particular higher institutions of learning at the weekend.

“We have not done much research to find out why these gaps in our healthcare system exist. It is high time the health professionals start tracing the history of the patient’s home,” she added.

The specialist said while healthcaregivers are mandated to act professionally and be able to respond to emergencies, the rising concerns over unprofessional code of conduct, including cases where patients are left unattended to, raises serious concerns .

“The nurses, among other health givers at the public health facilities, should act responsibly to save lives without wasting time. A single minute wasted without attending to an emergence can to lead death,”Dr Musenero said.

She said government departments are identifying particular scientists and researchers who will come up with solutions on how the country can handle and respond to challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.


Prof Eriabu Lugujjo, the Vice Chancellor of Ndejje University, called for the need to take advantage of the different science innovations to make Uganda a better place after the pandemic.

“As a university, we have since responded to the different challenges and have set up the different standard operating procedures to ensure that safety measure are in place before institutions of learning open,” he said.
President Museveni recently hinted on the need to have scientists facilitated to ensure they come out with the right solution in areas of health and industrial development.

In his address to the nation over the Covid-19 pandemic on April 19, the President rallied Ugandans to support his move to have salaries of scientists increased to boost their capacity to deliver.