Why singer Chameleone fought Fik Fameika at Mowzey Radio’s vigil

Friday February 2 2018

Singer Jose Chameleone and Fik Fameika.

Singer Jose Chameleone and Fik Fameika. COURTESY PHOTOS 


The mood was sombre as thousands made their way to the late Mowzey Radio’s Neverland home in Makindye Luwafu to pay respect to the artiste that breathed his last on Thursday morning at Case Hospital, Kampala.
Radio’s friends, fans, family and fellow musicians all gave glowing and touching tributes to a man that was considered one of the greatest vocalists Uganda has ever produced. And yet this did not stop mischief, chaos and violence from going down.

Singer Chameleone proved that he did not learn much from the bar fight that claimed Radio’s life when he, together with his gang, beat up fellow musician Fik Fameika at the vigil.

Chaos ensued shortly after Fameika arrived. Please follow link for full story: Why Chameleone fought Fik Fameica at Mowzey Radio’s vigil