3,000 displaced as cyclone hits Madagascar

Monday January 30 2012


Tropical cyclone, Funso presently in the Mozambique Channel has hit the south-western Madagascar forcing about 3,000 people in the district of Morombe to move out their residency zone.

A preliminary report of the National Office for Disaster of National Preparedness (BNGRC) said the affected people have been lived without proper shelter while nearby schools and churches haven’t been unusable to host them.

Heavy rains and strong wind have destroyed over 100 houses within seven communes badly touched. Many have been declared uninhabitable for being filled with water.

Officials said floods have claimed two lives and one of the victims was eaten by crocodile. The animals are abundant in the western part of the island-nation.
Many attacks were reported there, especially during rainy seasons (November-April) causing frequent inundations.

Residents in the disaster-prone areas were demanded to be very careful with the risky rivers. They were also warned about eventual outbreak of diseases like diarrhoea and malaria.

Price of foods is expected to skyrocket soon as floodwater has destroyed almost the harvests and crops. The BNGRC’s team has been prompted in the stricken areas to cope with the urgent need of food, blankets and medicine.