Pole dancing shows threaten the moral fabric of our nation

Monday August 22 2011

By Fr. Simon Lokodo

On June 19, Ugandans woke up to a shocking headline in one of the local dailies, “Pole dancing returns to Club Silk”. I couldn’t agree more with the author, Mr Felix Eupal, that this headline will definitely come as dreadful news to our country.

Pole dancing can best be described as one of the most evil acts in contemporary times that need to be condemned in the strongest term possible. No person in his/her rightful state of mind would want to be associated with this act that is a humiliation of human dignity. I am very sure the perpetrators of this act-- management of Club Silk-- would not even dare invite their families (spouses and children) to this so-called “most successful theme night of the club”.

From the above illustration therefore, it is very clear that some section of our society, especially the elite, are bent on deliberately corrupting the moral fabric of this nation and therefore trying to reverse the gains in the social transformation and prosperity of the people of Uganda that the NRM government has ushered in.
These elite are an insult to the people of Uganda and deserve to be equated to terrorists. Ugandans should therefore expose them in order to protect our young generation. Without being judgmental, the simple truth is that we have become a nation that has forsaken God; hence we have no compassion for the suffering of our society but are fixated with our own individual selfish desires. The primary goal is to amass wealth by hook or crook.

Hard as it may seem, the people in both their individual and collective realms, are a solution to these moral challenges facing this country. The future is ours to define and the decisions we make today may be definitive of where we aspire to be tomorrow. In the end, let each one of us stand up and denounce pornography, prostitution, indecent dressing and other related vices in order to make Uganda a better nation now and for generations to come.

Pole dancing and other related acts corrupt public morals and is not permitted by the laws of Uganda. The Penal Code Act Cap 120; Section 166 –Traffic in obscene publications sub-section (1)(e) states: “Any person who publicly exhibits any indecent show or performance or any show or performance tending to corrupt morals commit a misdemeanor and is liable to imprisonment for two years or to a fine of two thousand shillings.”

Government therefore strongly condemns and will firmly deal with whoever is found practising or promoting these vices in accordance with the provision of the law. The management of Club Silk is strongly warned against organising these indecent shows or performances! Doing so would, after all, be in conformity with the fact that the moral foundation of Uganda came from our faith in God.


I post in this article that departure from God’s moral precepts poses the greatest danger to Uganda’s moral rectitude. I believe that it is the increased acceptance of God’s authority that will propel Uganda to healthier as well as higher levels of peace, freedom, stability and prosperity. For God and my Country.

Fr. Lokodo is the Minister of Ethics and Integrity. slokodo@yahoo.com