Why would once a mighty Africa degenerate big time?

Friday November 8 2019

Emmanuel Lumonya

Emmanuel Lumonya 

By Emmanuel Lumonya

Africa is many things to many people. To the people who fought for her independence, Africa is a continent demanding its rightful voice in world affairs. To the peanut farmer of Mali and business woman of Zimbabwe, its home. To them and others like them, the deep joy of knowing the history of their people sharing communal life and family values is balanced by bitter sorrows of hard times the continent has endured.

African history and culture trace their roots back to that of pharaoic period, the ultimate source of African humanities, the same way the Western world traces its culture and history to Greece and Rome. African human sciences has reconciled this ancient Egyptian heritage and you can trace the entire history of a nation step by step. Although Africa was among the first continents to experience civilisation even before America or Europe had any semblance of modern world today with cities, palaces, thriving agriculture, schools, medicine and international trade, it remains the poorest and most under developed continent today.

Evidence from the Bible too states that Africa was among the first great political powers in the ancient time (Genesis 15:18). They were mighty people, very industrious and God was proud of them. When God needed to secure the world in the generation of Joseph and Pharaoh, He sent a world of warning to the then Pharaoh of Egypt (Genesis 41:15).

But why would once a mighty continent with abundance of resources degenerate to this extent? There have been several accounts to shed light on the current state of the continent, including blaming it on the White brothers and Arab slave traders, but those were simply tools used by God.

In spite of all the evil the continent has endured, Africa has always been in God’s divine agenda. But when the forefathers of the Black race enslaved the children of Israel for 430 years, a covenant people with God, through whom He declared to bless the whole world and to bless those who would bless them and curse those who would curse them, is the foundation of all the suffering we have witnessed.

It is hard to quantify the human loss that took place until Moses was rescued divinely by God and raised in the palace of Pharaoh. It is considered as the worst hidden human holocaust to date.
Who should account for all this human loss that occurred in Africa? Evil can bring down any generation or individual just like when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it brought all the suffering that the entire human race is enduring, and how could Africa escape?


The Bible declares that God will punish the first up to the fourth generation. When you examine the slave trade era, it also lasted four centuries - from the 14th to the 18th century. But when you examine Ethiopia, it is such a unique country, it was never colonised, it is the host of African Union headquarters and it has become the doorway to the interior of Africa. When king Solomon of Israel and Queen Sheba of Ethiopia united the two nations as stated in 1kings 10:1-10, Ethiopia obtained a blessing.