1  hour ago

Exploit Microsoft to grow knowledge economy

With this new move, many of our students’ practical ICT projects now stand the chance of being made more relevant beyond mere demands to fulfil academic requirements...

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19  hours ago

School fires again: All should watch out

There should be periodic inspection of the building or the schools for violations, issuing orders to comply and, potentially, prosecuting or closing building...

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1 day ago

We must invest more in wetland conservation

To reverse this trend, there must be political will, rigorous implementation of environmental laws and adequate investment in efforts to conserve our wetlands...

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2 days ago

Genuine national dialogue necessary

Opposition feel that the people holding political power have grabbed it by force and have to be forced out of it...

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3 days ago

Fund to fight child labour should be well utilised

Uganda has policies and laws against child labour, including the worst forms of it –among them forced labour in agriculture, sexual exploitation and human trafficking...

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4 days ago

KCCA should do things differently to fix roads

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) has released Shs152 billion for the renovation of roads in the city...

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5 days ago

Listen to the cries of district leaders

Government must eliminate every piece of redundant public administration in order to save and raise money to fund the local governments to facilitate them to deliver services...

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6 days ago

Makerere must hire best brains for its top jobs

The university community must show intellectual curiosity by interrogating promises of prospective executives...

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Tue Nov 06 13:53:00 EAT 2018

Embrace mass weddings and save money for family

Even introduction ceremonies have meetings held, and friends are asked to contribute...

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Mon Nov 05 08:02:12 EAT 2018

Government would do well to help owners of sports facilities

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni made a tour of Nakivubo Stadium to witness progress of the ground’s controversial re-construction...

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