Gabula and Wambuzi should unite Busoga

Wednesday January 3 2018

The confusion that is engulfing Busoga Kingdom should be cause for worry for peace loving Basoga and Ugandans in general. The emergence of two rival traditional governments within the same kingdom puts to question the necessity of some of these kingdoms in the country.
Whereas kingdoms in the country and world over are supposed to be vehicles for uniting people who subscribe (subjects) to it, what is happening in Busoga today is a negation of this critical fact.
In December last year, a rival Kyabazinga government led by Priunce Edward Columbus Wambuzi from Bulamogi chiefdom, was enthroned. This happened in spite of the fact that the kingdom already has a Kyabazinga, William Nadiope Gabuka IV.

While the rival Kyabazinga government accuses Kyabazinga Gabula of betrayal hence the push to instal another king, it is evident that historically, there has never been two Kyabazingas in Busoga. Therefore, the fact that the kingdom has reached this far, it means something has fundamentally gone wrong with the institution of the Kyabanga wa Busoga.

Worse still, there are voices within the kingdom that say “there is no way a parallel Kyabazinga can co-exist in Busoga”. And this is the crux of the matter. It means that what is a happening in the kingdom is a recipe for disaster. There is urgent need for drastic steps to be taken stop the worst from happening.

We believe that both Kyabazinga Gabula and Prince Wambuzi mean well for the people in Busoga and the country at large. Besides, they are both young and energetic men whose interest should go beyond the Kyabazinga crown that they are fighting for.

Their future is still bright.
Wisdom should prevail between them as well as their handlers to enable them initiate peace building moves. This requires that they humble themselves, reflect on the history of the kingdom, appreciate the state of poverty their people are living in and project where they want the kingdom to go in the short and long-term.

There is no doubt that when the two of them, with an eye on what they want Busoga to be, make the right decision, even their most ardent supporters, who may be pushing them on a parallel course, will have no choice but to work for a united kingdom.

The clarion call for Kyabazinga Gabula and Prince Wambuzi is that they should strive to work together, for their strength is in their unity than rivalry and the consequent divisions that come with it.

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