Politicians should be mindful of the times

Monday July 20 2020


By Editor

The 2021 election year whose process is already in the trails has come at one of the worst possible times in the history of the country.
A national lockdown put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has left the country on its knees. Many businesses are crippled and livelihood is down to animal instincts.

The government has gradually been easing the lockdown, with the latest seeing arcades reopened to business.

It is that time for businesses to regain their foothold, a time for citizens to pick themselves up and find their way through the misty roads shrouded by the Covid-19.

It is, therefore, a bit of disheartening to see some politicians make the most of their ambitions in total disregard of the plight of the voters they seek to woo.

Reports of police having to lob teargas canisters to break up electioneering groups in different parts of the country are a little unfortunate at this time.

The citizens have lost so much in the last four months and continue to lose in the limited time they have to eke a living. With curfew in place from 7pm, it means most businesses have to close by 5pm for the proprietors to beat the roadblocks and avoid the wrath of security operatives enforcing curfew laws.


However, with electioneering in the picture, the lights at the end of the tunnel dim when running battles between supporters of politicians and security agencies enters the picture. This means that the little time the people have to run their errands and make ends meet is further affected.

This calls for politicians to be a little considerate to the plight of the citizens.
Yes, electioneering is riddled with selfishness and political actors have to be pushy to get their message across. But the times are not normal.

Instead of a politician travelling 100km to go consult the electorate in a radio talk-show, why should the same politician not work out a way to be on air from their home?
Radio stations can surely work out such an arrangement, unless it is only by showing up in a targeted place in an open roof vehicle that a politician touches base with the electorate.

It is good to defy and push the government to lift unfair laws that curtail the political activities of the Opposition, but it is much better to be mindful of what the voters are going through.

Politicians should carry out their activities in ways that do not affect the post-Covid-19 recovery of the citizens, especially the peasants who are worst affected.