Pursue killers of Zigy Wyne

Wednesday August 7 2019

Ziggy Wyne

Ziggy Wyne 

By Editor

The dreadful torture and killing of Michael Kalinda, aka Zigy Wyne, an artiste associated with music production Fire Base Crew of Bobi Wine, shocks all and sets a terrible precedent. This extrajudicial killing should be stopped, the culprits pursued and punished.

Zigy Wyne was discovered dumped at Mulago Hospital. His body bore deep wounds, his fingers reportedly mangled and one of his eyeballs bodged. He died from the torture on Monday. Whatever the grudges his killers had with him, no one deserves to die in such frightening manner.

But many questions regarding his kidnap, torture and dumping at Mulago, and finally his death, remain unanswered. Just who were these people who dropped off Zigy at Mulago and disappeared without trace? What was their intention of dropping off Zigy at the hospital? Were they good Samaritans or sought to destroy any trace to scene of crime?

Why didn’t police officers manning Mulago causality unit gate not act regarding someone tortured and in vegetative state being dropped off? Who did Mulago Hospital record as the persons who dropped off Zigy as they received him? For more clues, the police should quickly retrieve CCTV camera footage at Mulago to help trace the people, and the vehicle used to drop off Zigy.

To the family too, questions abound. Zigy disappeared on July 21 and was dumped at Mulago on or about July 25 and only discovered on August 1. Just what happened between their interaction with Zigy and disappearance? Why did none of them find Zigy’s disappearance strange and worth reporting, but leave it to his friends to care and report to the police?

Again, why didn’t his associates and family, despite the anonymous threats, alert police upon being informed that a savagely tortured and unconscious Zigy had been discovered at Mulago on August 1, seven days after mysterious disappearance? Just what happened between Zigy’s stay at Mulago from Thursday when he was dumped to Monday when he breathed his last?


No doubt, Zigy’s reported kidnap, resurfacing at Mulago, plus threats to the family should have provided a window for the police to act. To the police, their move to institute a robust investigation into Zigy’s death is welcome. But this coming after exactly one week from receiving Zigy’s reported kidnap at Nansana Police Station is delayed.

It is sad that the police did not record a statement from Zigy. Their inaction questions how well-coordinated police units are on reporting disappearances and tracing missing persons. Nonetheless, the police belated action is good for ensuring Zigy’s tormentors are pursued and brought to justice.

It should also be now that Zigy’s family and associates provide the police with all the necessary information to bring Zigy’s killers to face justice.