Zigy’s death: Back claims with evidence

Thursday August 8 2019

Mr Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, the

Mr Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, the leader of People Power and Kyaddondo East, Member of Parliament, addresses mourners. Photo by Alfred Tumushabe  

By Editor

The Uganda Police Force on Tuesday issued a statement on circumstances regarding the death of Michael Kalinda, aka Zigy Wyne. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga stated that Zigy Wyne died from injuries sustained after a motorcycle crash on July 21 at around 7.30pm, as he rode on the Northern Bypass on the outskirts of Kampala (See ‘Zigy Wyne death: Police rules out torture,’ Daily Monitor, August 7).

These police details had remained unknown to the public for 15 days since the reported accident involving Zigy Wyne on July 21. These information also remained unknown to the public for more than six days after his death was reported on August 1 at Mulago Hospital.

In yesterday’s edition, this newspaper carried an editorial in which we raised many unanswered questions to Zigy Wyne’s family, his associates and police regarding the circumstances of his death. This position came before the police released details of their investigation.

The new information, late as it is, provides a useful counter-narrative to what had become the dominant narrative of events leading to the death. We thus welcome the release of this new information and urge the police to be more proactive when dealing with sensitive matters, while not being in a hurry to judge or give information that might jeopardise on-going investigations.

Some of the questions we posed yesterday remain valid and ought to be answered as the police seek to reassure citizens as well as the family and friends of the deceased.
At an appropriate time, it will be useful for the family to assist the police investigate the matter to its logical conclusion.

We believed, then and now, that Zigy’s alleged kidnap, as reported by his family and associates, resurfacing at Mulago, plus threats to the family should have provided a window for the police to act.


As we emphasized yesterday, we welcome police’s move to institute a robust investigation into Zigy’s death. But we also regret that coming after 10 days from receiving Zigy’s reported kidnap at Nansana Police Station, is delayed.

Just as we stated earlier, Zigy’s family and associates should provide police with all the necessary information to clear any distortions. Other narratives that depart from what the police statement says should also be backed by evidence.