Embrace Uganda at 50 awareness drive

Thursday February 23 2012

On February 19, the NGO-FORUM and other stakeholders launched the ‘Uganda-at-50 awareness campaign to create awareness among the citizens about the need to celebrate the 50 years of Uganda’s independence. The country will be 50 years since independence on October 9, 1962.

I am glad that the civil society and the government are taking the Jubilee celebrations seriously. The most disturbing aspect that calls for urgent attention is that most Ugandans do not know their country’s history and as a result, they feel they are less Ugandans.

Knowing one’s history plays an important role in shaping one’s future basing on the lessons learnt in the past. I attended the launch and I learnt much about our country. I can now proudly say I now have a positive feeling about the Pearl of Africa. All Ugandans should join this drive. The old should tell the youth and guide them towards achieving a better future.

Michael Aboneka,
[email protected]