Maracha welcomes Judiciary’s call to extend its services

Monday February 22 2010

The Judiciary recently opened its session with a call to extend there services to rural areas. This is a welcome idea especially for the people of Maracha County ( the new Nyadri District), who have been yearning for it for a long time.

Crimes committed in Maracha, especially by the youth who are associated with drug and substance abuse, have greatly gone up because there are no courts to try and bring the culprits to justice. The nearest court is in Arua town, some 30km away, for which cases of assault or theft cannot be filed as no peasant is willing to keep going there.

We shall be happy if the judiciary can send us a visiting Grade II Magestrate in at least three of the seven sub-counties so that we get to understand justice like the rest of Ugandans.

Lack of a court in our area has also led ignorant people to be detained for more than 48 hours, or be given Police Bond after paying some money for which receipts are not issued. Maracha is waiting.

Lulua Godfrey,
[email protected]