We must condemn loss of lives over age limit

Wednesday October 25 2017

By Fulgentius Kabugujju Lugemwa

On December 24, 2006, Dr Kizza Besigye said, “By the way, you can slap Museveni, you can even break his bone, he will not be enraged. But if in any way you threaten his power, his hold on power, even if it was Muhoozi [his son], who did that, he would suffer exactly the same thing many of us have suffered. The problem here is that Museveni set out to acquire power, increase it, and hold on to it until he dies.”

On September 27, security personnel in plain clothes raided Parliament and violently ejected MPs opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit. Several opposition MPs ended up with broken bones and were admitted to different hospitals. Presiding at a thanks-giving ceremony for Namutumba Woman MP Mariam Naigaga on October 16, Mr Museveni said he would not take any more threats from the Opposition. “I want to warn all those who are threatening people, akabwa akasiru kayigga enjovu (a foolish dog hunts an elephant)... To think that you can threaten NRM, and you use violence, yet NRM is the master of violence, but our violence is disciplined and purposeful. I will really want to advise anybody who has got illusions that he can use violence and shut up [our people]; we shall not waste time,” Mr Museveni said.

We must all condemn the brutality, the loss of lives and the suffering that the police are subjecting citizens to. The Force shouldn’t fire live bullets and kill citizens for no good reason.

  Fulgentius Kabugujju Lugemwa

Chairman, Policy Committee of Uganda Democratic Federation (UDF).