It’s wrong to despise your culture and heritage

Saturday March 31 2018

By Caroline Zawedde

Uganda is a country with rich a cultural heritage. All of us from different walks of life have our roots in a specific culture and embracing it in the 21st Century is considered primitive, shaming and immature by some people. That is a bad attitude and demeaning thought about our origin.

Your culture is your heritage, identity and origin. It is important that embrace the norms and the customs. Love your language and let your children to appreciate it.

Embracing Western or any other foreign culture as you demolishing your cultural heritage is betrayal of your community and country. Despising your cultural heritage may lead to you hating your country, brain drain, profit repatriation, crime, and discrimination, among others.

Love your origin and culture. By developing your cultural sites and preserving your heritage, you will be developing your country’s tourism sector as well as the environment.

Despising one’s culture results in many people ignoring the available resources in their country. I appeal to cultural leaders to wake up and embark on promoting their culture.

Cultural leaders should design programmes and initiate projects that involve their people to enable them learn and share more in regard to their cultures.
People should also respect their cultural leaders and embrace their culture and its values. Respect your culture, respect your country. Be Patriotic!
Caroline Zawedde,