When did we start going down this horrific road?

Wednesday April 24 2019

By Sem Raymond Batte

It is absurd to realise immoral acts happening in Uganda. These are things we have been hearing about in distant places. Take, for instance, contraceptives.

I read about this issue in the Daily Monitor of March 28, which was about the male pills being welcomed by Ugandans. I wonder how we welcome evil in our lives. Worse still, this is an ancient problem and a threat to humanity. The Catholic Church has been struggling to stop this evil in order to keep the dignity of the human person and to secure God’s plan of pro-creation.

Thanks to the advancement in technology - all for the improvement of the life of a human person. But what we have to consider given the advance in technology is that are we still on the right track?

Is the advancement we are embracing in accordance with what is right for the moral conduct of the human dignity? Many people know what is right, but they feign ignorance yet what is wrong is wrong.

Sem Raymond Batte,