AU, ensure Bashir faces justice at home

Friday February 14 2020

Former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir. FILE

Former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir. FILE PHOTO 

By Andrew Bakoraho

The idea to have former Sudan president Omar al-Bashir handed to ICC at the Hague is not only absurd, but it also shows how hypocritical African leaders are. They continue to serve the interests of economic power houses of Europe and US. Before his ousting, Bashir was a friend of many African leaders, but it is disturbing that his pending handover was not resolved at the recent AU Summit in Ethiopia.
While still president, South Africa, Uganda and countries protected Bashir from jaws of the ICC that majorly targets Africans. Strangely, although America and its allies finance the operations of this court, they are not signatories to the Roman Statute that established this court that became effective in 2002.

This is why we never have perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity like those who killed millions of Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, taken to face the rigours of ICC. Similar factors explain why the abusers of the alleged terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay are never referred to such courts.
The anger against Bashir and his government resulted in a hypocritical decision of splitting of Sudan into two countries as if these same international decision makers are not aware of demands and rights of Catalonia people in Spain. Why divide Sudan and ignore voices of Barcelona,Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona, who are also demanding independence from Spain?

Although his enemies finally overpowered him through military infiltration and sponsored-street demonstrations, which paved a way for Western-sponsored puppets into positions of power, patriotic Sudanese ought to rise and defend their former president. With the success of imperial powers, Sudan is now a darling of Israel, a country whose leaders have killed hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Palestine with full support of architects and funders of ICC such as US and UK.
In the face of fighting imperialism, Bashir is an African hero who deserves the protection of all African presidents, off course, his mistakes notwithstanding. Like former president Hosni Mubarak, Bashir should be prosecuted by a Sudan court. This process is being hijacked by imperialists. Today’s international news indicate that he is about to be transferred to the Netherlands. Why?

Unfortunately, African leaders, due to continuous begging for aid and grants from our colonial masters, remain indignant to confront this injustice. Imperialists have turned African dictators into business or power brokers, hence paving way for neocolonialism. Our continuous begging for foreign direct investors has enabled imperialists to send us their blue-eyed boys to implement total control and plunder of African resources.
The recent AU report shows the Union work stagnated as member states failed to pay annual contributions. Many are waiting for funding from Europe and the US.
Andrew Bakoraho,