Bad advisers infiltrate government

Sunday July 15 2018

President Museveni. FILE PHOTO

President Museveni. FILE PHOTO  

By S. P Nabendeh Wamoto

Mr President, apart from your deep concerns about criminal gangs operating within Uganda Police Force, there is an equal measure of fear that infiltrators may have also taken over some aspects and operations in government and the State.
Mr President, I say this in reference to my earlier correspondences in December 2013 and January 2014, where I made a formal brief, whose contents leaked and put my personal security in danger. This forced senior security officers who knew me to intervene, but they (groups) of infiltrators, continue to frustrate my re-deployment as per your pledge in appreciation for the not less than 500 airtime hours annually of media advocacy on behalf of the government.
I warned about infiltration by wrong, sophisticated and wealthy inner-circle, that is very close to the Presidency, who had started making ambitious attempts to politically destabilise the political movement (NRM) regime.

At the National Assembly (Parliament) on June 20, 2018, Mr President while addressing legislators at which meeting you unveiled the 10-point security plan and through our usual old military contacts, I relayed another urgent report to you, but this time, the contents were not drawn to your attention in time for I had proposed to Your Excellency to make an addition to your 10 points as a matter of necessity the following serious issues:
Corruption and land grabbing, for they are equally serious components of security because as I earlier interested you, the infiltrators have earmarked non-combat strategies in constituencies such as peasants (evicted from land), women (murders), youth (unemployment) to effectively weaken your government and eventually make the population to abhor the same.

As said above, the group(s) on the February 6, 2014 manipulated what we witnessed as the first malicious mix-up of Resident District Commissioners and their deputies reminiscent to the current embarrassing hitch in re-structuring the deployment and re-deployment of the same crop of human resource (RDCs and DRDCs). And one year ago, they misadvised you on the unpopular forceful acquisition of land meant for government infrastructure.

The country may wish to know that the infiltrators were again at play, ill-advising your government to tax religious materials, including Bibles and the Koran. And recently, the anger packed Mobile Money and social media (OTT) tax, particularly to offend the below 35 years youth, which is the biggest constituency in the country.
S. P Nabendeh Wamoto,
[email protected]