Coronavirus: Take preventive measures to contain spread

Wednesday March 11 2020


By Costance Kabibi

Africa as a continent has been attacked by different diseases with less threat. Over the years, viruses and diseases breakout, but here today, coronavirus has caused unrest in the world registering thousands of deaths in a short period of time.
This virus has caused great fear to people from different countries and continents because it is deadly.

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

This virus can be transmitted through body contact, sneezing and air and the common signs include; respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, breathing difficulties, among others.

In more severe cases it can cause pneumonia, severe respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. However, Ugandans and other countries in Africa are taking serious precaution to fight the virus in order not to come to Africa since it started in China but has now spread to 74 nations including 6 in Africa.

In order to fight coronavirus, preventive measures have been put up and Ugandans must take them seriously and these include; washing hands, covering your mouth while coughing, avoid touching eyes and nose or mouth with dirty hands, if you have fever or difficulty in breathing, isolate yourself from people especially crowds, among others. Uganda as a country is working hard to keep the virus out of the country.

In this case, Ugandans have cancelled flights to other countries, screening at Entebbe International Airport, preparing hospitals like Entebbe Hospital, Mulago National Referral Hospital and Naguru Hospital, the government of Uganda has secured 11 ambulances and the Ministry of Health has made it a point to update the public on how to prevent the virus.


In order for the country to be safe from coronavirus, Ugandans, especially those with businesses like supermarkets, market places, night clubs, restaurants and hotels, and parks among others, should provide sanitisers, stress the fact that coronavirus is real and deadly since some Ugandans take it less serious.

Therefore, to add personal prevention measures is safer than general prevention measures.

Costance Kabibi, Uganda Christian University