Here is how you can save money

Tuesday August 14 2018


By Kellen Nakaye

Saving money is a success tool that is recommended at nearly every success conference and seminar yet most of us struggle to implement it.

Here are some lifestyle changes you can adopt to make it easier to implement: Learning to do some of the activities you pay money for (like getting your hair and nails done as well as having meals at a restaurant) by yourself can be challenging at the start, but in the long-run, it can help cut down your routine expenses as well as get you attaining new skills that you can monetise. Personally, learning to take care of my own hair and nails always enables me to add the Shs50,000 ($14) I would have paid in the salon to my savings. Put in mind that some salon procedures like hair relaxing for those of us with kinky hair are better left to the professionals.
Once I did my hair relaxer, got my hair under processed and my scalp overly irritated by the hair chemical, I ended up spending twice what I had intended to save in order to correct the “relaxing went wrong” procedure! Well stocking your own hair products like flexi-rods, hair treatments, hair cutting machine for gents and shampoo, is a great move.
Quality products tend to be more pricey, but in the long-run, they always save you lots of money.

For example, in Uganda, the fashion market place has both first-hand and second-hand clothes. In my experience, the second-hand clothes are as easy to dispose off as they are acquired because they quickly get old so you have to regularly buy others, which becomes expensive in the long-run. On the other hand, I have always kept all the clothes I buy brand new for even up to fours years and they still looked new and intact.
When you get rid of all the things you do not need right now and place all of your belongings where you can find them whenever you need them, you save money too.

Remember with tidying, you do not always have to buy a piece of anything to replace what you cannot find and with de-cluttering, your mind is also cleared whenever you enter your home, for example, and you can be happy to do things at home that you would have paid for as a service elsewhere. Talk about cooking your meals in a clean and well organised kitchen at home.
Buying items in bulk is not only a great way to reduce your expenditure since you get to buy at wholesale prices if you shop at wholesale dealer shops, but it is also a great time management practice.

If you get as much stuff as you will need say for a month, you do not waste time having to regularly go shopping. Also planning in advance for your shopping as well as avoiding impulse shopping can be very helpful in regulating your expenditure.
Social media is one of the platforms that influence many of us, especially millennials to spend just to keep up with our friends and followers on these platforms. Keep in mind that all the pictures on social media are highlight reels, moments that were scripted with a lot of effort being invested to portray perfection. There is always a behind the scenes that your current status may not be suited to support.

Kellen Nakaye,
[email protected]