Imam, family should be interrogated

Wednesday January 15 2020

The couple on their wedding day.

The couple on their wedding day.  

At the weekend, the public received shocking but interesting news that an imam in Kayunga District had a fortnight ago exchanged vows with a fellow man who disguised as a woman and had not found out until his dear wife misbehaved.

We are in an era where moral decay is at its peak. And with this the clergy aren’t spared either. Some of our clergy contribute a lot to immorality in this world. They have been cited in rape, defilement and even adultery cases.

To say that the imam had not seen his ‘wife’ naked is unbelievable. You share a bed with your partner and cannot see that something is wrong? You live in the same space and cannot be inquisitive? How is that even possible? The mere look at the images of the couple on social media one can really spot the difference.

The imam and the family of the bride should be interrogated properly so that they reveal the truth. We cannot be fooled that no one knew that the imam had married a man.

Concerned citizen