Labour export will curb unemployment

Wednesday July 24 2019

Seeking opportunities. Youth prepare to go the

Seeking opportunities. Youth prepare to go the United Arab Emirates for employment in 2016. Government has expressed fears of losing Shs2.2 trillion if a ban on labour export is to be effected. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE 

By Daniel Kibet

Government last week reportedly rejected a proposal by a section of MPs to impose a ban on labour export on grounds that it earns the country up to $600m (aboutShs2.2 trillion) annually in remittance.

This accounts for half of total remittances in Uganda. I find this rejection constructive because the high level of unemployment in the country will be curbed by, among other things, encouraging the jobless youth to seek opportunities abroad.

However, it is important that government makes a follow-up to ensure that all Ugandans who go abroad to work, especially in Middle East countries, find favourable conditions and their safety should be guaranteed. There have been reports that some Ugandans working in United Arab Emirates (UAE) have suffered a great deal with others even getting killed.

Government should ensure that Ugandans who face challenges while working in the Middle East countries, get immediate help from Ugandan embassies in those particular countries. There are about 84,000 Ugandans.

Therefore, the government should ensure that labour export continues so as to reduce unemployment at home. However, it should also ensure that it monitors the affairs of our migrant workers .

Daniel Kibet,